Happy Clients

Bruce Warner is more than a five star lawyer. I had consulted with other lawyers but he was very positive right from the start. His ethical and practical approach kept the entire procedure a human experience. He guided me over any speed bumps along the way. His experience and direction was always directed to trying to resolve everything as quickly as possible. He is truly a unique person. I will be happy to refer anyone to him in the future. He is a wonderful example to his profession and VERY well known to many Judges and attorney’s!!! I would highly suggest anyone thinking of a divorce or time-sharing consult with him before picking your attorney. There is nothing we didn’t get that we petitioned for! EXCELLENT SERVICE, even after the trial was completed!”

“I retained Bruce to represent me with my family case for my son. He went above and beyond what is expected of an attorney. He looked after what was in my best interest and informed me with every detail throughout the entire process. In the end I ended up with 50/50 custody and couldn’t be happier. If it wasn’t for Bruce I would’ve been one of those every other weekend dads. I would ignore those people who write negative reviews. He is caring, concerned and always has a plan, even when the other party tries to play games or lies during the case. The Judges all know and respect Bruce which is very important. I would refer him to anyone looking for a good family attorney.”

I hired Bruce not long after my spouse left the country with my daughter and then fled to another location in Florida filing an injunction based on false claims to prevent me from making any kind of contact or knowing their whereabouts. Bruce gathered the details and quickly advised me on a recommended course of action. Despite a few unforeseen challenges along the way, we were able to have my daughter returned to my custody, and my spouse forced to return to the proper jurisdiction to answer for her actions. While there remains much work to do for the well being of my daughter, Bruce’s guidance and direction allowed me to move matters quickly to a manageable set of conditions. I came to value his advice, and was always made comfortable regarding his role and what my choices were. I would recommend Bruce to anyone facing a separation or divorce, especially in circumstances involving children and their well being.

Hello, my name is Martha and I am honored to tell you about my family law attorney, Bruce Warner. About two years ago my then husband left me in an apartment under an expiring lease with no money to pay the rent or any bills. I was eventually evicted. I had no money and a job that paid me $1,200.00 a month. I rented a room in a house. He also left me with no car. I could not find an attorney who would work with me until I spoke to Bruce Warner. 

Despite not being able to pay him a dime, he agreed to take my case and I promised to pay him if I ever got divorced and could pay. I was so shocked that he was nice enough to represent me.

I definitely read the reviews online that said he was not a good attorney. I decided I would not be swayed by those nasty and angry people, especially since he did not have to take my very difficult case.

As it turns out he was everything I hoped for and then some. During the course of the case we discussed a few of the things that were written about him online. I know for a fact that a “Marie” who claimed Bruce was paid $16K by her and didn’t finish her case is a lie. She asked him to hide her assets from her husband and his attorney and to also allow her to lie under oath about the money she had. Another client, “Frank”, complained that Bruce failed to appear at his final hearing and that he sent an associate to court instead of going himself. I know for a fact that Bruce was in this hospital for two weeks and instead of postponing the hearing, he did the right thing and sent an associate from his office. Someone recently complained about something she claims he didn’t do back in around 2010. TEN YEARS AGO? My point is that there are people out there who have issues and more often than not will disregard his advice or be so consumed with anger towards the other party that they lash out with these online reviews.

In my case my former husband was rude and unwilling to pay me anything reasonable

He walked out of mediation and then hired an attorney. He was refusing to pay me alimony after a 32 year marriage and he refused to make me the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Eventually his attorney and Bruce were able to resolve the case after a very lengthy mediation.

I just received about $225,000.00 from my former husband’s retirement account. I am also receiving alimony every month and I am the beneficiary on his life insurance policy. I can now buy a car and find a place to call my home because of Bruce Warner. I was thrilled to pay his well deserved fee. He changed my life. He is now my friend.

I strongly suggest when looking for a family law attorney to contact Mr. Warner before allowing someone else with an agenda to persuade you otherwise. I cannot imagine where I would be without hime.

Thank you,

Martha Z

To any potential client of attorney Bruce Warner,

I hired Mr. Warner in January of 2019. I read his reviews and knew some people complained. Speaking to him and he sounded confident and knowledgeable. He represented me in my Motion for Contempt against my former husband who owed me over $34,000.00 in alimony. 

Mr. Warner immediately amended the Motion for Contempt that I filed on my own. Then my former husband filed a Petition for Modification of his alimony. Having reviewed my Martial Settlement Agreement several times, Mr. Warner informed me that my former husband was precluded from seeking a modification of his alimony as it was written in our agreement. A hearing was set but before the hearing, the former husbands’ attorney decided not to fight this issue in court and he dismissed his motion. This was the first of many times Mr. Warner was 100% correct on an issue in my case.

Next Mr. Warner suggested that I let him take the former husband’s deposition prior to the contempt hearing. In the deposition, he caught the former husband in a litany of lies, mistruths, and lying on his Financial Affidavit. Honestly, it was fun to watch my former husband squirm in his seat. I was feeling very confident in my decision to hire Mr. Warner. 

Our first Hearing for Contempt was held on August 27, 2019. I was prepped and fully ready to testify albeit quite nervous. Prior to the hearing, Mr. Warner told me what he thought the judge would do. He was spot on. He did a masterful job with my testimony and once again destroyed my former husband on the cross-examination. The magistrate ruled in my favor holding the former husband in “willful contempt of court”. He now had to pay me my money plus an additional sum towards his arrears. My former husband filed exceptions claiming the magistrate ruling was incorrect. That hearing was held December 3, 2019, and Mr. Warner won that hearing also.

Sadly my former husband never paid me a penny from August 2019 until our second contempt hearing held on January 30, 2020. At the hearing, Mr. Warner destroyed my ex and his attorney, and this time the court found my ex again in contempt of court and order him to pay me $2,000.00 immediately and then another $2,000.00 in the third week of February 2020. The judge also ordered him to continue to pay me the alimony payment of $1,600.00 per month thereafter. 

Once my ex-husband failed to pay me a penny from March of 2020 until our third contempt hearing held on July 16, 2020. Again Mr. Warner won that hearing but the judge’s order failed to mention any purge amount (different judge) and as a result, my ex-husband still did not pay me for July through October 2020. 

On Monday, November 2, 2020, a fourth contempt hearing was held before Judge Renatha Francis who was the judge back in January. Mr. Warner did a magnificent job outlining the facts and cross-examining my former husband. Everything Mr. Warner said would happen, did happen. The judge was furious with their delays, excuses, and stall tactics. She slammed my ex-husband and ordered purges for the next 8 months that includes jail time for my ex should he not pay me within 48 hours of receiving his monthly funds. The judge also granted our request for an income withholding order so after the 8 months are over, I get my alimony paid directly to me from his Social Security checks. Mr. Warner was found “entitled to legal fees” as well.

I must say that attorney Bruce Warner far exceeded my expectations in how professional he was in court, in constantly explaining the case to me even when it looked like my ex was getting away with not paying me. Whatever he told me turned out to be correct and I can’t thank him enough for staying with me throughout this terrible ordeal. I highly recommend Bruce Warner to anyone smart enough to ignore some of the absurd reviews online.

Rona Klein