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Attorney, Bruce E. Warner hosts the widely popular “Talking Divorce Show with Bruce Warner”.

The show was a creation of Mr. Warner that provided the listening audience an opportunity to get some free legal information on the subject of divorce in South Florida. A variety of family law topics have been discussed and Mr. Warner used his vast knowledge and experience as a divorce attorney, litigator, mediator and advocate for children’s rights to enlighten the callers and listeners each week.

Some of the issues and topics that have been discussed on the show are

When is the right time to seek a divorce?

Being in an abusive relationship

What are my rights as a Husband? Wife?

How can I protect my children?

Custody matter

Child Support and Visitation Issues

Can I afford to get divorced

Financial issues including Who controls the money?

Extramarital affairs and the effect on divorce

She won’t let me see my kids

The controlled, manipulated and abused spouse

Should we mediate

The role of Guardians and therapists

How do I know if the settlement is fair?

How do I get my child support and/or alimony?

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

Attorney’s Fees

Asset and Debt Distribution

Who gets the House?