Practice Areas

Attorney Bruce E. Warner has been in practice since 1983. He has handled cases in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties in the area of Family Law.

Bruce has represented hundreds of men and women from the simplest to the most involved cases. He has a calm demeanor that his clients find easy to work with. His approach to any case is to be prepared and always think ahead and plan carefully. No surprises!!

Mr. Warner’s office handles

Simple Divorce

A simple divorce is when both parties completely agree to all of the terms of the settlement and there are no contested issues.

Contested Divorce

When there is not a meeting of the minds and each party wants something different as their intended result of the case.


A frequently misunderstood concept that has no set rules and regulations as to amounts but is based more on the lifestyle of the parties during the intact marriage.

Child Custody

Now more than ever there is fighting over the custody and visitation of children. It can become toxic if not handled properly.


It is important to understand because you can attempt to “move” during the divorce proceedings or after you have been divorced for a period of time. It is very important to get a court order to relocate with your children and there are new laws on this topic.

Child Support

The support issue is frequently a battle like custody because the laws are more lenient when the non-custodial parent has more overnight visitation every month. Rotating custody battles are more evident and parents have exerted their rights to spend time with their children


New law also applies here in areas such as alimony as when a former spouse is co-habitating with another partner who share expenses. It can serve to reduce or sometimes eliminate alimony altogether. Custody is a hotly contested area in the realm of modifying final divorce decrees.

Contempt and Enforcement

Rights to seek payment for unpaid child support and alimony. Also, enforcement is a tool when the former spouse has failed to do what ever has previously been agreed upon or court ordered such as-seeing children, maintaining health or life insurance, etc.


Involves fighting for rights when children are born out-of-wedlock.

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

Usually a precursor to a dissolution of marriage and it is important to understand how this affects the entire family, jobs, income, etc.